Toggle Switches

 Toggle Switch Rated 15A @125V

The item to the right is a Standard Size DPST Toggle Switch Rated 15A @ 125V. The size: is aproxamately  1 5/16in x 3/4in. It has DPST Contacts.  They are brand new and in mint condition.  Each Switch costs $1.00 with an optional bulk discount.



 The item to the left is a 3-Way Red LED Illuminated Toggle Switch.  It is rated 15A @ 12VDC.  It can be used in many automobile aplications or by any electronics hobbyist.  The switch becomes illuminated when switched into the on position.  These items are being sold for only $1.00.  They go fast so get them before they're out of stock.


Rocker Switches

To the right is 3PST white rocker switch.  It is rated 20A @ 130VDC.  The switch is very useful in many electronic designs and will continuoulsly show great reliability to all electronic hobbyists.  These switches cost $1.00 each and are definately worth their price.



 The item to the left is a DPST Rocker Switch rated 15A @ 150VDC.  it has a black bace and a white rocker. The Black Base has two symbols on it.  One is an "I" and the other is a "0". 
When the rocker is on the "I" side the switch is switched [ON]. The other side means it is switched [OFF].  These switches sell for $1.00 a piece and are great for nearly any electronics application.



The switch to the left is a SPST white rocker switch.  This switch is rated 10A @ 120VDC.  Is perfect for using in everyday electronics projects and has a great performance rate. 

   Snap-Action Switches

 The item to the right is small snap action switch, type E61, the item features an SPST snap action switch rated 5A @ 125VAC-250VAC contacts. Size about 0.778in [L] x 00.256in [W] x 0.354in [H]. Not including the small white switch. Each of these cost $0.75 and are manufactured by a company called Cherry Industries.




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