450V 1500uF 3-Pole Capacitor

These capacitors to the Right are 3-pole 450V 1500uf   snap-in capacitors.  These are great for project in coilguns and other high voltage applications.  They are estimated at about $10.00 each, however i will be selling them for only $5.00 a piece.  I only have 5 left in stock so get them while they last.



450V 47uF Capacitor

The Capacitors to the left are 2-pole 400V 47uf  Through-hole capacitors.  These ones usually go for about $0.79 a piece but i am selling them for $0.50 each.  There are about 15 availiable at the time and they probably won't last long.



 450V 470uF 3-Pole Capacitor

The item to the right is a 3-Pole 450V 470uf capacitor. They are manufactured by Nippon Chemi-Con.  These  capacitors are great for use in coilguns and many other applications.  Highly Reccomended for electronic Hobbyists.  These capacitors cost $1.45 each.



200V 1000uF Capacitor

The item to the left is a 200V 1000uF capacitor.  These items are 100% Brand New.  They have only been used for testing and all of them work.  These capacitors can go for more that $3.00 each.  However, we are selling them for much less.  Our price is only $1.25 each.  Currently we only have 20 availiable.  If this item is popular we will get more.  They are especially great for Coilguns and other High Voltage applications.



 200V 820uF Capacitor

The item to your right is a 200V 820uF Capacitor.  (It says MFD but uF and MFD both stand for microfarads).  These capacitors are Great for coilguns when wired in an array due to there Compact side and high voltage.  The price on this item is $1.00 a piece.

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